Planning an Irish wedding

Set the date: Choose a date that brings good luck, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Irish tradition holds that a sunny day is lucky, a rainy one unlucky.

Marry on Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health, Wednesday is the best day of all,
Thursday for crosses, Friday for losses
And Saturday no day at all

Set the tone: Order Irish wedding invitations designed with traditional Celtic symbols such as eternal knots or spirals, or even the Claddagh ring. This signals to your guests that your ceremony will have a special theme.

Choose rings: Irish wedding rings and bands such as the Claddagh ring let you celebrate the ties that bind you together, and to your Irish roots.

Hire Irish musicians: Ireland is world-renown for its music, from bagpipes to tin whistles to drums called bodhrans. Fill the air with ancient echoes of Ireland with music rooted in the Emerald Isle.

Raise a toast: Remember to honor the person who introduced the happy couple with a special toast at the reception. This tradition dates back to the days when a matchmaker brought couples together.

Kick up your heels: Irish dancing has never been more popular. Sign up the whole wedding party for dance lessons to learn traditional steps as well as to enjoy the time together.

Marry in Ireland: For the most authentic Irish celebration, go for the green and plan your wedding in Ireland. There are just a few rules to follow, and you can make your dream a reality.

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